Monday, August 13, 2018

Hong Kong Airlines Business Class Experience

My recent experience flying onboard Hong Kong Airlines to Manila, Philippines is worth sharing, since the airline flies A350 which is one of the newest aircraft flying the transpacific route today.

The Airbus 350, simply known as A350, is constructed from plastic composites that are 25-percent lighter than the metal used in conventional planes, so it is much more fuel-efficient than older planes. Composites are also stronger and more durable than metal, which enables a host of other benefits that positively impact the passengers' onboard experience. Having the lightest component of any wide-body carrier means having the ability to withstand turbulence. This is what impressed me the most.

Their business class seats offer conveniences and direct aisle access to every seat. Having this configuration allows each passenger to enjoy more space and high-quality comfort. Not only that, the 180° Flatbed seat complete with sleep amenities such as goose down blankets and soft pillows make the trip very comforting. Each seat has a full partition for fully enclosed privacy, providing passengers a more pleasant sleep. 

Hong Kong Airlines' in-flight gourmet meals are cooked and served with the best and seasonal ingredients. Even passengers with dietary restrictions like myself will be accommodated with the utmost service.  Not to mention their wine and liquor selection which has the taste of European, Asian and Australian favors specially prepared by known chefs from Hong Kong.

Overall, my Hong Kong Airlines flight was indeed pleasant. The service was great; my seat was very comfortable, and the meals were relatively delicious. It's definitely a flight worth taking again!

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