Monday, October 8, 2018

A Weekend Market Food Trip in Makati, Philippines

My travels to interesting places all over the globe give me a perspective that somehow activities are inter-related. Take the case of the Sunday market; when you travel to Europe be it in Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin or in Krakow, you get a glimpse of the local culture and products.

In Makati, Philippines, this city also offers these activities that have drawn a lot of attention from both locals and tourists. There are two places you get to visit these markets, depending on the day of the week. There is a public market in Salcedo Village by the Velasquez Park on Saturdays and there is also another in Legaspi Village by the Washinton Sycip Park on Sundays.

Here you get to see a lot of expats (expatriates) roaming these places and looking for something to eat and even the locals who live in condominiums within the area are getting their feel of what they would eat over the coming week. I was surprised to see a lot of foreign chefs offering their specialties to the visitors.

What really excited me the most was the wide range of menus that were lying there in the market coming from different areas not only locally (Ilokano, Visayan, Kapampangan etc), but also International menus like Thai, Indonesian, and popular Chinese meals.

I strongly suggest for travelers to come here and enjoy the local flavors in a local setting where one can experience the authenticity of these places and what they have to offer.  It reminded me of my childhood years when I see all these food around me. 

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