Monday, November 12, 2018

The Ancient City of Siam (Thailand)

I recently went on a trip to Thailand where I visited Muang Boran, also known as the Ancient City of Thailand and the gateway to the country's cultural and historical heritage. I was amazed at how organized and well-thought this place was during my visit. Getting around the area was easy because they provided us with various transportation options. Here, you can roam around walking, riding a bike, a golf car, or make your way around the floating market on a boat. It really encouraged me and my friends to explore and learn about the rich history, culture, and traditions of Thailand, formerly known as Siam. I learned that this legendary landmark was built with a strong mission to persuade the locals to know more about the history of their own country.

Muang Boran is home to more than 105 architectural attractions and offers plenty of enjoyable activities to both locals and tourists. From its many majestic Buddha temples to beautifully manicured gardens, and from ancient monuments and old town markets to picturesque views with serene ambiance, there's so much to see and a lot of interesting knowledge to gain when you visit.

For those who like to visit this place and capture moments through photos and videos, here are just a few of the many interesting attractions to expect while there:

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Thailand is such an amazing place, not just because of its beautiful islands, friendly people, and sumptuous food, but also of its diverse and wonderful culture. Visiting this place has made me appreciate the true beauty of Thailand even more!

To learn more about the Ancient City of Siam (Thailand) and how to get there, please click here.


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