Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Balesin Island, Philippines

No matter how far you travel or how many places you explore, there will always be a paradise destination in your mind which makes you want to go back and bask within its beauty all over again. That’s exactly what I felt days after my visit to the astonishing island of Balesin in Quezon, Philippines. I had an opportunity to see for myself what real paradise is. From the time you board their private plane until the time they escort you to your private villa, everything you experience is just pure opulence.  

About the destination:

Balesin is not your ordinary island destination in the Philippines. Many refer to it as a private paradise that not all can visit and explore. It is a members-only, leisure destination perfect for both relaxing and fun-filled vacations. 

Not far from the scenic coast is the Balesin Island Club. It is the island’s resort where members can indulge in its world-class accommodations dedicated to bring luxury with special touches of Philippine hospitality.

Overlooking the dazzling turquoise waters, the resort flaunts an Asian-inspired structural design accentuated by simplicity, elegance, and sophistication. Its vivid ambiance and nature-filled backdrop make it ideal for those who are in need of a pure relaxing escape.

The resort consists of seven themed villages that are brilliantly inspired by famous vacation destinations such as Bali, Costa del Sol, Mykonos, Phuket, St. Tropez, Toscana and Balesin. These villages have well-thought architectural designs that show off the captivating individuality of the destination it portrays. Each has its own pool that’s landscaped skillfully for maximum guest satisfaction.


Aside from the pool, each village also has its own feature restaurant which offers a wide range of gastronomic delights enthused by its theme.

With its chic and stylish interiors, every villa is specially designed to cater to members’ accommodation needs. It is equipped with high-end amenities and comfy beddings, making each stay a memorable and delightful experience.

Members can stay in a different village every night should they wish to do so. It’s a great opportunity to indulge in a unique vacation experience offered by these world-renowned destinations.  

Location and How to get there:

Balesin Island is located on the Eastern Coast of Luzon in the Philippines, 21 kilometers southeast of Polilio in Quezon Province. For members’ transportation convenience, the resort offers its own private planes which bring members in and out of the island to and from Manila in 20-25 minutes. 

What to see:

Apart from the resort’s exquisite beauty, members can feast on the island’s long stretch of flawless white sand beach.


Activities to try:


Just imagine how satisfying it would be to feel the warm, powdery sand under your feet with the right amount of breeze on your face. You can’t help but strike your favorite pose and take a photo with nothing but white sand, blue sky, and rolling waves as your backdrop. 

Unlike other famous beach destinations in the Philippines, Balesin offers a more tranquil, less crowded beach spots, making your experience a bit more serene and relaxing.


After a nice time at the beach, head to the Clubhouse where you can wind down over drinks at the Lobby Bar, go for a quick swim in the pool, taste the sumptuous cuisines at the Sakura Japanese restaurant, or spend quality time with the kids in the gaming room. Indoor activities offered by the resort will definitely keep you and your family entertained at all times.


Are you up for some fun horse-back riding? Wander upon the island on a horse-back to various trails and paths or enjoy a scenic ride along a 700-meter long beach ideal for riding aficionados.

Feed the Kois

If you’re fond of feeding fishes, you’ll certainly have a good time feeding the colorful and lively kois at the Balesin Village Sala.


If you need some time to reflect or fuel your spirituality with peace, head to Balesin’s Chapel. It has a serene ambiance with an open-structure, amphitheatre-style seating perfect for a time of stillness and reflection.

Spa experienceA relaxing beach vacation is not complete without experiencing a rejuvenating massage at the Balesin Spa. Offering bona fide treatments inspired by Asian traditions, the resort’s very own therapists are well-trained to cater for your specific needs. Spa suites, spa pool, sauna, and steam bath are among the facilities members can use throughout their stay


My wife and I enjoyed our stay. Balesin Island was the perfect destination to celebrate our 36th year together. One thing we have noticed is that most of the luxurious resorts in the Philippines are not that far behind. They have come of age with their facilities truly of international standard and the service come with a unique Philippine smile.



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