Thursday, April 12, 2018

Places to visit on your first trip to Australia

Let's take you to the great land down under and introduce you to some of its many destinations you may want to add on to your travel bucket list. Because why not? It has an interesting mix of enticing places, wildlife (kangaroos & koalas), and one-of-a-kind experiences a traveler like you would likely to enjoy plus more!

Blue Mountains: The Three Sisters (Katoomba)

First off, how magnificent is the view of this mountain range? Quite overwhelmingly beautiful, right mate? 

The infamous Blue Mountains is a must-visit spot in Sydney. It is famously known for its vast range of breath-taking sceneries, where you'll see steep cliffs, lush forests, waterfalls, and village gardens. One of its famous points of view is the Eco-Point Katoomba where you'll witness the very popular site of the Three Sisters. 

According to the Aboriginal legend, this iconic attraction represents three sisters who were turned to stone. It's so famous that it draws in millions of visitors every year. 

Blue Mountains: Scenic Railway Experience & The Giant Stairway (Katoomba)

They say the view is much better from the top. So when you're in Australia, don't miss the chance to experience the thrill of riding the world's steepest Scenic Railway, offering expansive sights of an ancient rainforest and the astounding backdrops of Jamison Valley.

Before you take the ride, try the challenging yet scenic walk via the Giant Stairway as you take in the fresh mountain air and fascinating sights that this iconic area has to offer.

Manly Beach (Sydney)

Fan of the waves? At the Manly Beach in Sydney, you can spend a pleasant day under the sun, lay on the beach with a refreshing beverage and/or fish and chips, or swim and feel the invigorating waves touch your skin. Here, you'll also find plenty of beachside cafes and attractions, occupied by local and tourist beachgoers.

Sydney Opera House (Sydney)

Never leave Australia without taking a photo of and/or making memories involving one of its renowned landmarks -- the Sydney Opera House.

The easily recognizable architecture of the Opera House, combining ancient and modern styles, is worth seeing and will make you understand why it's among the most outstanding buildings of the 20th century. Tick this destination off your bucket list and save the good memories for later. 

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve (Canberra)

Did you know that there are 55 kangaroo species spread across Australia? Some of them you'll find at the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve -- where abundant nature and a range of wildlife species like the kangaroo are found together with koalas and other animals.

While here, enjoy the friendly pathways to experience nature at its finest, see various plants and animals, and take part in a memorable wildlife encounter. 

Ultimately, Australia is blessed with so many natural and wildlife wonders, it makes you want to stay there for a long time.

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