Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Emirates Experience

People have been telling me that Emirates offers one of the best in-flight services  you could invest your money in. With all the high praises and claims that they are one of the best airlines out there, I became curious and decided to find out for myself and give their services a try.

When I made my way to the airport for my flight from Dubai back to San Francisco, I have to say that everything they offered was just as I had envisioned. 

To start it off, they had a special lounge made especially for business class and first class customers. The lounge had everything you could ever need when embarking on a long, cross-country trip: A Duty Free store, a complete restaurant, a shower station to feel fresh before your travels, plus an exclusive corridor for passengers to get to their seats on board their flights easily. 

Once I entered the plane cabin, things only began to get better. The plane was a roomy two-tiered aircraft, the business and first class sitting on the upper floor. I had roomy, fully reclining seat in an area with all kinds of amenities that would keep me satisfied during my flight. On one side of my seat was an iPad that acted as a console that could control my in-flight media and window shutters. Really convenient!

Right beside my chair was a wet bar, complete with drinks, juices and water that would be able to help me quench my thirst at any time. A full menu awaited me as well, giving me a wide selection of meals and drinks to partake in when I was in the mood for food. Once it was time for me to get to bed, the attendants would offer me a duvet to cover my makeshift bed and a goose down blanket to help keep me warm as I snoozed through the night. 

When the flight got underway, I could freely move around the cabin as I pleased. I thoroughly enjoyed occupying the business class bar, complete with a variety of alcoholic drinks and even an in-flight bartender who could mix you a cocktail of your choice. With a wine in hand, I moved to the lounge area where a large screen TV and appetizers awaited me.

If you’re curious about the bathroom in business class, I can tell you it's a well-kept room that you’ll definitely enjoy using. The wood locker display really gave the area a classy look while the cloth napkins gave the bathroom a nice, exclusive touch.

Overall, the flight was a truly amazing experience and I would definitely love to fly Emirates once more. I’ve flown on a lot of carrier-type airplanes and this is definitely up on my list as one of the best. If you’re considering booking your travels with Emirates, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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